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Building a New Home

Many home owners are intrigued by the concept of building a custom home. They are excited to be able to own a fancy, new home that they can enjoy living in. There are some concerns and reservations about building, too. Some people feel it could take too long to build and do not know how the home will look when it is finished. As a REALTOR, I love to help people build a new home. Yes, it takes time, but the benefits are great. Why should you build a new home? I always answer that by building a new home you will get exactly the home you want rather than settling for a home that is “close enough.”

Let me explain a few of the simple steps involved in having a new home built for you. If you own a home already we need to get it sold. We can often market your home for sale while your new home is being built. The next step is to identify a building lot. I can help with this. Second, we need to find a floor plan. I can help with this, too. There are many online house plans and I have a good selection at my office that I can show you as well. We need to find a basic plan you like and then make the changes to customize it to be exactly the home you want. Third, we need to get bids from home builders to see if we are within budget. I can help with this, too. I know the local builders and can arrange for several of them to give you a bid to build your new home.

I am often asked if it is more expensive to build a new home rather than buying an existing home. Well, it depends on what you do to your new home. You can make it more expensive by adding a lot of upgrades, or you can build a more affordable without upgraded features. The good news is that the cost of building has come down a lot in the past few years. Overall, it is not more expensive to build a new home. In fact, your new home will be less expensive to own over the first ten years you own it because there will be less maintenance and lower utility bills. Even if you pay a little more to get a new home, it will cost less to live in since it is more energy efficient than an older home, and since it will need fewer repairs for many years. Even home owners insurance is less on a newer home than an older existing home. The main expenses you will have with a new home that make it more expensive than an existing home could be things such as landscaping, installing blinds, etc.

Potential new home buyers ask if it is stressful to have a new home built. It can be if you get overwhelmed with details. Both the home builder and I will try to keep it easy on you. However, you do need to be able to pick colors and materials for your home. The most stressful part of building a home is staying in budget. Staying in budget is easy if you do not make major changes during the time of construction. No changes mean no surprises.

Overall, I think building a new home is a great idea. In the end you get a great home – just what you wanted. If you are considering building a home in the Pocatello, Idaho area, call Greg Johnston, Realtor. Right now in the spring is a great time to start building a home while the weather is good. Call Greg at 208-234-0900.

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