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Property flaws that prevent offers on your house

When selling your home you must do your best to appeal to all potential home buyers. Each buyer may be looking for something specific, but most of them are just looking for the nicest home at the best price. What that means is that unless there is a “must have” on their list of features needed in a buyers next home, most buyers just want something clean and at a fair price. You can not please every buyer all of the time, but it is your job as the seller to do your best to have your home in the right condition, and at the right price, so that it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. Let’s talk about some of the things in your home that may turn off potential buyers.

House Buyer Complaint #1: Odors.

Buying a home is an emotional decision for the buyer. When they are in a house they have to be able to envision living in the home. Unusual or unpleasant odors are a big detractor to home buyers because they will not want to live there. Nothing turns a buyer off quicker than an odor. For example, musty smells in the basement cause a buyer to wonder if there is mold in the home, or if the basement has had water intrusion in the past. The odor could be something easily correctable like taking out the trash that is stinky. However, it may be more of a challenge if the odor is cigarette or pet odor.

In particular, cigarette and pet odors in a house that seems to have been well-cleaned create the concern that they might be permanent and that the buyer might not be able to get rid of them without spending a lot of money on cleaning or replacing floor coverings and repainting the entire house. A simple air freshener or lit candle will not overcome serious odors.

House Buyer Complaint #2: Dirt and messes.

Possibly the single largest source of buyer complaints is the dirt, messes, and personal belongings that buyers find so distracting when they walk into a home they were excited to see. Again, buyers need to visualize living in the home. They want to be excited to move in. A dirty house does not help the buyers feel excited about moving in. They often can not overlook the clutter, dog mess in the yard, or any other unsanitary condition.

Will one or two small, untidy items ruin the sale of your home? Will a few dishes left in the sink prevent a sale? No, but a few of them (or more) can certainly distract a buyer enough that they fixate on the home’s messes and, in the process, fail to see what is so great about your property. It is wise to make sure the home is as close to a show home as possible. Remember, living in the home normally and living in the home when trying to sell it are two different things.

House Buyer Complaint #3: Lots of little malfunctions.

All of us tend to think our homes are in fantastic condition. We live there and are OK with the condition of the home. Sure, there may be a few little things that don’t work perfectly, but most home owners have just lived with it. Potential home buyers are not so willing to overlook the items that need to be fixed. They will want every light switch to work when they flip it on. They do not want a loose handrail. They want the plumbing to not leak. They want doors to latch easily.

Since these little fixes are inexpensive to make, have them completed before you list your house, if at all possible. It will help with the buyers first impression of the home. They will not have concerns about the condition of the home if they feel you have maintained the house.

The goal of working on these three items is to get your home sold. Small improvements will help make it possible to sell your home. If you have any questions about selling your home in Pocatello, Idaho, please contact Greg Johnston, Realtor, at 208-232-9041.

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